Luna Pigment, LLC
Handmade pigment from Austin, Texas

Robert Curtis, owner of Diablo Rojo Tattoo (est. 2001) began tattooing and mixing colors since 1991.  During his apprenticeship under his uncle, Bruce Edwards of Electra Art Tattoo (Corpus Christi, Texas), he was taught how to make his own pigments and needles, now almost a lost art.  Robert has continued the old tradition of the tattoo industry by continuing to mix his own powder pigments - refining and perfecting his colors over the past 27 years.  

Robert began with a handful of basic colors for friends and local super-artists, Chris Trevino (Perfection Tattoo) and Jason Brooks (Great Wave Tattoo).  Luna's reputation quickly grew by word of mouth and is used by world-class artists in the tattoo industry.  Today we offer up to 33 color options, some inspired by other artists.  With the support of his wife and friends, Robert decided to go public with Luna Pigment in 2013. 

Luna Pigment is keeping the tradition that Austin, Texas is known for- big, bold and bright tattoos!  We continue to see amazing work using our wide array of colors.  Mixing tattoo pigments has become an art in itself.  A sincere "Thank You"  to all the tattoo artists, world-wide, for your generous support!

Meet The Team